sábado, 15 de enero de 2011


well, my holidays are finish so now I can't upload Eli's videos and songs like before ;___;
but I still have some projects for the future, there are:

-Make Anami 3li's Act 2
-Make Anami 3li's VCV voicebank

I am thinking in a spanish vb but this isn't sure .___.
well, that's all for now

Thanks for your atention :D

martes, 11 de enero de 2011

[UTAU] Packaged [Anami 3li]

Anami Eli 3rd song!!! :D
The pic is fail, and has nothing to do with the song xD
however I hope you like this x3

sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Matryoshka- [UTAU] Kai ft. Anami 3li!!

This is Anami Eli's first duet song with Kai Lee!! they're singing a song that I like too much *-* MaTrYoShKa!!!!
Thanks to DubxWithxKailey for make this!!!

viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Anami Eli 1925

I finished the pic :D
I wanted to upload this tomorrow but I finished uploading this today xDD

I hope you like this ^^

Anami Eli's next song

hi!!!! :D
Anami Eli's next song will be "1925" by hatsune miku
Yestesday I did the pic for the video, now I have to finish some details >w<

The UST and the off vocal version that I used had no the harmonies ;_; so I edited the UST to make the harmonies... orz

martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Anami 3li's demo song!!

I make Eli sing "Miki Miki romantic night!"
This is her demo song!! ^^ you can download the Mp3 here!  and her voicebank here

I don't like the pic xDDD
I hope you like her demo!!! :D

Anami Eli's voicebank has been released!!

feliz año nuevo!!! ^^

Yeah!! Anami 3li's voicebank has been released!! ^^
You can download it here

I hope you like her voice ^^ and please, if you make her sing something let me know!!

I did a little change in her name, She still is Anami 3li but now you can call her "Anami Eli", is the same thing but now you can write her name "3li" or "Eli"  xDD