♫ Anami Eli

Name: Anami Eli (Eli is pronunced "ellie")
Age: 16
Size: 1.59/1.60

Character item: Chocolate
Favourite color: Blue

Nationality: Venezuelan-Japanese

Eli is an UTAU created by Dark3li (me). She was released on 04/ 01/
She was meant to be an UTAU version of myself, and she is, however there are some differences between us.
Almost always people see her as an innocent and quiet girl, she doesn't like to get in trouble.
She becomes a bit shy when she meets a person by the first time, if you don't know know her well you may think that she's a boring person, she only shows her real personality to close friends and people she feels good being with.
Actually she's a cheerful person, sometimes she does stupid things to make her friends laugh, she likes to keep calm during hard situations and she's very optimistic.
She doesn't get angry easily, but when she does it's better to leave her alone.

Name: Takeshi
Age: 18
Size: 1.74

Character item: Laptop computer
Favourite color: Blue

Nationality: Venezuelan-Japanese

Eli has an older brother, Takeshi (voiced by my older brother), she knows him pretty well and viceversa, he's the person she trusts the most.
Takeshi can be very pesimistic, he's a shy person and he isn't very talkative, for this reason people usually thinks that Eli is the older one between them.


*Eli's name used to be written as "3li"
*Takeshi's surname used to be "Nakamura", actually that was only an artistic surname, the real one is "Anami" like Eli's, I don't use "Nakamura" anymore, I suggest people to avoid using "Nakamura"