lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

oAo hi guys! some olds and news *again* xD

I didn't know what to put as a title xD
I haven't updated this blog since... september maybe? ouo

well, in all this time I've learnt how to edit vsqs and Usts, I've also learnt how to make my own usts
My first UST was for the song "Melody.exe" sung by Hatsune miku

My 2nd UST will be the song "Aniimo" original sung by Gakupo and Gumi ^^


-Takeshi WON'T use Nakamura as surname anymore, from now he'll use Anami as his sister Eli

-Daishi Kei (Eli's genderbender) now has a little sister :D her name is Daishi Akiko and she belongs to nebuchan, you can see them together here~

awww they're love *^*

-Eli's VCV voicebank is 80% done


I'm happy to see my friends using eli and takeshi sometimes, thank you so much!!

by tdrawer ^^

I looove this one!

My brother haven't seen this one yet xD

Eli and Arashiko Shion by Mikomi65 =D

Eli and Ototsuki Mio by nekoshaoran <3