domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Cendrillon Anami Eli ft Akira/ Act 2 has been released! :D// Future projects

I made eli sing with her gender bend Akira!! ^^
And her Act 2 has been released!!! you can download it here!!!
I hope you like it ^^

Well, my future projects are:

-Edit Akira's design >< -Finish Anami Eli's Act 2 -Probably I'm going to make another UTAU with my brother's voice *-* yaiii!!! xDDDD and... I'm going to make a "Division -- > destruction of Hatsune Miku" chorus using Venezuelan UTAUloids!!! ^^ well, I've already finished it but I have to draw the pic (waaa draw every single utauloid that I used for the chorus orz)

That's all for now x) see you soon!!

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