miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Hi! xDD some olds (?) and news!

lol It seems like I've forgot that I have a blog xD u.u
well, even if in all this time I didn't write something here it doen't mean that there aren't some news!!

first of all, eli's got a MMD LAT model!! *^*
My friend adanArielMermoik made it thank you so much!!!! <3

My first MMD video =D

Some MMD videos made by my friend Tdrawer3031


Some friends made Eli sing with their UTAUS *^*

Collab betwen Tefy-chan and me :D her UTAU Aika and Eli singing Happy sinthesyzer

Collad betwen Tdrawer and me ^^ Tojo and Eli singing Gemini

Chorus made by irvinutau!

Chorus made by adanArielMermoik ^^

Eli singing Magnet with Aika's genderbender Tsubasa xDD


I'm very happy!! I've got very good friends in a short time!! Thank you guys!! =D

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